About Us

What began 15 years ago as a journey in search of truth has today blossomed into a successful enterprise symbolising the very variety and richness of Indian culture. Shaam’s Embriodary is that unique enterprise and we have always believed in making dreams a reality and encouraging customers to partner, participate and redefine their lifestyle.

Our employees and our customers are our strongest assets and we have given a precise definition to workmanship and quality with our stand-out creations. Our idea of winning admiration lies in creating an enriching experience and not merely selling, an experience that is worthwhile in time and investment, an experience that is transformational; an experience that is fulfilling.

Our customers in all parts of the globe stand testimony to the principles that we live and breathe… principles of consistent delivery, of high design standards, of the preservation and procreation of hand embroidery and tailoring, and of supreme customer service. Walk to experience a world of unbounded creativity, unmatched attention, and elegant customization…we are Shaam’s for you!

Our Collections